Where Can Stone Be Used

If you are a regular reader of decorating magazines or blogs, you may have already heard about the usual ways of sprucing up a space; things such as a fresh coat of paint or hanging mirrors to make the room look larger. But have you ever thought about using stone in your design? Stone can be upscale, warm, inviting and above all versatile. There are many uses for stone that you might have never thought of to help your current house turn into your dream house.

Having stone in your kitchen is a sturdy and durable option. Not only is it easy to clean, the appearance and stone is very unique. There are many options when choosing stone, such as marble, granite, limestone, etc. These hard surfaces are perfect for kitchen surfaces and look great too!

While the masses are still picking granite for counter tops, choosing to use any solid surface stone or stone tile is a unique and stylish choice. Stone tiles are economical and can give a quick upgrade to an outdated kitchen. Back splashes are yet another great place to add stone to the kitchen, mixing and matching with your counter top to develop a kitchen all your own. 

Adding a welcoming stone patio to your backyard is another excellent use of stone in your home. You can choose from a wide variety of stone types and the result will last for years and be virtually maintenance-free. In addition to a stone patio, there is also the idea that has gained popularity in recent year in upscale houses - the outdoor stone fire pit. Nothing sounds better than relaxing on your patio with friends and family by the fire pit on a Saturday night. 

Stone can bring a very distinctive type of beauty into your landscaping, and at the same time, they can also give your space some texture and hardiness to keep the garden stable. One of the most common (and easy) ways that home gardeners use decorative stones in their landscape is to serve as an edging border for individual flowers. Using stone in footpaths, in the place of mulch, and to showcase some of your favorite plants are all ways to give your landscape a boost with stone. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, stone can make a fireplace the focus of any area by adding drama and depth instantly. You can go for a simple stacked stone fireplace with a mantel or go all out by creating an over the top outdoor fireplace of your dreams, to bring some warmth and ambiance to your deck area.
If you want the "WOW!" factor in your house, you can see that stone may be your answer. Whether you are using manufactured stone or natural stone, it is durable, versatile and now more than ever, affordable. 

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