Using Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor landscape. There are two main reasons why home owners install stepping stones. One is the practical, the other is aesthetic. In areas of high traffic, getting grass to grow can be a frustrating and losing battle. Adding stepping stones makes it easy to know where to step and you don't have to worry about killing the grass. For decorative purposes, guests will marvel at the uniqueness and attention to detail that you created with stepping stones, and you get to enjoy them on a daily basis as well. From the cozy cottage stepping stones to the symmetrical Zen garden foot path, stepping stones can add another dimension to your yard and garden that you might have never considered before. 
Of course, you don't want to start haphazardly throwing stones in your yard and call them stepping stones! Traditionally, stepping stones were pathways to or from gardens, and while many people still use them for this purpose today, you can also use them as paths to garages, sheds, patios and mailboxes. Another idea is using stepping stones through your water feature in your garden, to make a seamless transition from one part of the yard to another. From the practical standpoint, many gardeners use stepping stones through their flowerbeds to help knock off some of the dirt that has accumulated on their shoes. 
Another great thing about stepping stones is they come in all shapes, colors and materials. For example, you can choose a stone like flagstone that will work well in almost any landscape or something that is more unique to you, like a combination of cut stone and pebbles. You don't have to feel a need to match up the shape and size of all your stepping stones, sometimes using the same stone, but in a different size or shapes adds to the overall visual appeal. Many homeowners add the ultimate homemade touch by adding a stepping stone that has personal meaning to them such as a child's handprint or a pet's footprint. One thing to remember when adding stepping stones to your landscape is to make sure that the stones you put down are not slippery, especially when they are wet. 
Whether modern or country, stepping stones have earned a place in landscapes as a hardworking and decorative element, that are easily installed and tough to live without.

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