How to Solve Problems By Adding Stone to Your Landscape

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About this time every year, people across the country head to the local nursery to buy new flowers, shrubs, and plants for spring planting season. Taking the time to pick out the flowers, get them home and put them in the yard is no small task, but can quickly produce a gorgeous yard. Unless it all withers up and dies before the kids get out of school. Or your area doesn't get rain for a month and there are water restrictions for the rest of the summer. Or...Have you ever thought about solving your landscaping woes with stone? Not that greenery isn't beautiful, but here are four common landscaping problems that can be solved or minimized by using stones in your outdoor areas. 
Problem #1: You have a brown thumb
Let's face it, not all of us were born to be horticulturalists. If your thumb has more brown than green in it, adding stone to your yard is a simple way to lower the maintenance involved and money spent to replace plants every year. You can create a new striking landscape or add to what you already have with stones. Although doing a major overhaul of your yard is tempting, in reality, starting with one area and slowly adding to it over time can be a more economical and organic way to make the change. 
Problem #2: You live in an area with water restrictions
While most of us don't live in the desert, a lot of us have grown accustom to some kind of water restriction that can wreak havoc on the living parts of ones landscape. If getting up in the middle of the night to water your plants (so your neighbors don't see you) isn't your idea of a good time, maybe adding some stones to your yard can enhance the look without the sneaking around. Consider replacing some or all of your lawn with gravel, as well as planting drought-tolerant plants to alleviate the watering headache and become a low watering yard. 
Problem #3: You have drainage problems
Of course, you might be on the other end of the spectrum and actually have too much water for your yard, in which case, stones can help with that, too. Mixing gravel and various other sized rocks can help absorb some of the unwanted water with style. One of the most common drainage solutions is called a french drain which utilizes different kinds of gravel to divert rainwater away from your home and prevent water damage. 
Problem #4: You need to add something, but don't know what, to your landscaping
Even with endless tweaking and meddling, does your yard still need something else? Adding stones to your gardens, be it boulder size or pebble size, can add a pop to your existing landscaping. Creating walkways with stepping stones or creating a place to unwind like a fountain or fire pit out of stones can be the bold statement you are looking for. Using stones in your landscape can be perfect for those looking to upgrade curb appeal or those wanting to make an environmental statement.

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