Patio Stone

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Adding stone to your patio comes with a wide variety of options, and for some that can be daunting when initially considering all the choices. To eat the proverbial elephant "a bite at a time", try breaking up your decision-making process into these three manageable macro steps, each with a few mini-questions to help you organize your plans.

1) What is the Purpose of the Project?

  • Are you looking to just create a patio floor? Or is this a base for bigger plans in the future like adding a stone fire pit or outdoor kitchen?
  • What size area are you going to change and what is the overall look you are going for? For example, you could go with a more uniform look, or a natural look with stones of different sizes and shapes. Your layout could have neatly set rows with edges that touch, or a more mosaic type appearance.

2) What Materials Do You Need?

  • What type of stone do you want? Options include, but are not limited to flagstone, fieldstone,etc.  Want the natural stone look? You might explore flagstone.
  • What colors of stone do you want? Once you've selected a type or two of stone you can zero in on colors to match your home and current landscaping scheme.
  • What size of stone pieces do you like best? Size and color of different stones may vary in cost which brings us to point number 3...

3) What's Your Budget?

  • What are the short-term and long-term expected costs? If you go cheap price, sometimes you get cheap appearance and less durability, which can cost more overtime. Also, relating to your big picture plan in #1, where might investing on the front end help save on future add-on projects?
  • When you factor in time and expertise, it may be cheaper to make this a do-it-yourself project on based on materials alone, but what's the cost of doing it wrong and having to do it over again or pay someone to fix something down the road?

Our product calculators can help you to determine the amount of stone or the amount of other materials you may need. For more information or to speak with a patio stone representative from The Rock Yard, contact us today!

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