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Using stone in your home's landscaping design isn't something new--in fact people have been doing it for years. Some homeowners like that stone makes your landscaping look more natural and organic. Others enjoy knowing that stone brings a certain look of establishment and is durable enough to last for a long time.

Most people that use stone in their  landscaping design agree that it makes an attractive addition and can be used in a variety of ways. The Rock Yard Inc. is one of the largest distributors of landscape stone in Georgia and works to provide you with the perfect stone addition to your lawn.

Lanscape Stone Mulch


Instead of thinking big with your ideas for using stone in your landscape, think small. Using stone as your mulch is a good idea because not only does it look nice, it also is low maintenance and doesn't breakdown over time like wood chips or leaves might.

It also provides more stable temperatures to the surrounding areas because the sun heats the rocks during the day and at night that same heat is slowly released back into the ground. This provides an easier transition from the hot days to cool nights for the delicate plants in your landscape.

Lanscape Stone Boulder


When you think of landscaping with stone, your mind probably instantly goes to picturing a huge boulder in the middle of a neighbor's yard, right? Boulders are a unique and special feature of hardscaping that can work well in a formal setting, but also in a more natural setting, too.

There are a few guidelines to placing boulders in a good location so it makes sense with your entire landscape design. First of all, if you use plants around them, make sure that they are going to be about as tall as the boulder when the plants are at their mature height. You don't want them overshadowing the boulder and covering it up so you can't see it at all, and your landscape ends up looking like a unruly jungle instead of what you had planned.

Another guideline to remember is to make sure that the boulder is partially buried, not just placed on top of the ground as it will look out of place.

Finally, if you are using natural stone, make sure that they are different sizes and shapes, just like you would find in nature. 
Lanscape Stone Wall


One of the most common uses for stone in your landscape is using them in walls around your property. Using a short wall to break up a large area or to guide people as to where they are to go is always a good idea. Make sure to choose a stone that coordinates with the other hardscaping in your design to insure that a wall is a great addition to your home.

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