Interior Stone

Everyone likes options.

When the time comes to model, add on or construct a new interior living space in your home, options are not just a luxury; they are a necessity.

At The Rock Yard, we believe in helping to provide you with options that will suit you for a lifetime. As a leading supplier of stone throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia, we know a thing or two about turning your home’s interior into a masterpiece. For nearly three decades, we have helped homeowners choose the type of stone that will add to and compliment their taste.

Whether you’re trying to make a stack-stone fireplace, tiled shower, indoor patio or stone columns, getting the right stone for the job is crucial to successful implementation and completion of the project. We help offer insight, gained through our previous 20+ years’ experience installing stone, along every step of the way. From selection of stone color, shape, size, weight and style, no interior stone project is too complex for us to tackle.

We don’t just source the stone for you; we have intricate sample designs in our two showrooms to further ease the process of choosing the right stone for your home and your budget. Our goal is to help you with the transformation of your living space into something you can be proud of.

We would love to get started on the path of stone selection for your home. Contact us today for more information on visiting our showroom(s) or to speak with one of our interior stone specialists.

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