Interesting Ways to Use Fieldstone in Design

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Fieldstone has been around for ages as a design element, most likely due to the fact that it is readily available in many areas and is versatile in its uses. Fieldstone is a rock commonly found naturally in the top layer of the fields. It is a flat oval shape and comes in a variety of colors like gray, brown, red, and white. It is a utilitarian material that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, playing an important role in the design and function of your house and yard.  
Using fieldstone in your patio is the perfect way to connect the natural environment to your home in a seamless fashion. Fieldstone patios can be professionally installed, or can be an intense day of do-it-your-self rock lying. Remember that fieldstone isn't smooth and even like concrete or brick, so make sure you take that into consideration. As a bonus, dirt and mud will serve as natural grout to fill in the spaces between the rocks. 
When the usual boring stacked brick doesn't do it for you for your fireplace, consider using flat or uneven fieldstone to add an element of natural stone to the inside of your home. Depending on the style of the rock, it can steer your decorating style in a certain direction. For instance, using a thin or flat fieldstone looks much more modern and contemporary, while the smooth, rounded fieldstone gives off more of a log cabin or country house kind of vibe.  
Another way to use fieldstone inside your home is to use it for tiling in a bathroom or kitchen project. You can always use uncut fieldstone for tiling the walls as a starting point. Tiles can also be cut into basic, even squares to be used for the flooring, and make sure that your footing is secure.  
Landscape Edging
Using fieldstone to mark boundaries and create borders between your flowers and your lawn is one of the most common and beautiful ways to use the rock. You can stack the stones into low retaining walls, install single stone edges, or even combine fieldstone with other elements to add texture and color to your hard scaping. 
Walkways and Paths
Creating a walkway in the garden or side yard is yet another picturesque way to use fieldstone in your landscaping. Make sure that your walkways are flat and stable, and if it is a high traffic area, be sure to pack the fieldstone tightly to insure safe stepping.
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