Decorative Stone Ideas For a Garden

When it comes to your garden, have you switched the flower bed mulch from bark to pine straw more times than you can count, but never achieved the result you want?
Have you spend hours arranging and rearranging the placement of your flower and vegetable gardens? 
No matter how much time, effort and fertilizer that you pour into your garden, does something still seem to be missing? 
Well, if you have never thought of using decorative stone in your garden, perhaps this could be the solution to your garden woes. There are many ways beyond the "Zen garden" look, in which stone can provide a natural anchor for your outdoor space. At The Rock Yard, we can help provide a low maintenance way to get just the look you have been seeking, transforming your garden into a unique and beautiful place to relax.
Everyone has their "challenge areas" in their gardens, but slopes are an ideal place for decorative stones to help out. Covering a slope with stones eliminates the need to mow it and it can help with erosion as well. Thick stones can even be used to build a retaining wall on a slope in your garden to help control water flow and run off that might be detrimental to your other garden plants.
Herb Garden
Using stones in your herb garden is a win-win situation. Not only do decorative stones provide a visual boost to your herbs, but the stones also have a practical purpose, too. The stones absorb the heat from the sun and later transmit that heat into the soil. This keeps the soil warmer longer, resulting in a longer growing season for your herbs.
Adding decorative stones around planted borders emphasizes clean lines and makes clear, well-defined areas that are pleasing to the eye. All the stones don't have to be the same size or shape. In fact, varying them will give you a more natural look to compliment your greenery. As a bonus, they also act as a natural weed repellent, which any garden has to like.
The classic boulder rock is a basic idea but can have a dramatic effect and can change the look of an otherwise average garden. Larger stones shouldn't be used to cover something up or disguise something, but rather become a focal point that the rest of the garden can support.

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