Centurion Stone

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Centurion Stone™ is stone that looks and feels like natural stone. The reason for this is because these stones are made from natural stone patterns. Colors and textures are carefully controlled, and the reduced weight and cost of Centurion Stone™ makes it more desirable with more choices than any other manufactured stone on the market.

With more than two dozen patterns, hundreds of colors and a complete line of accessory items and corner pieces to complement each, the Centurion Stone™ product line is available to suit your every building or design need. 

When you stop to consider your next project, ask yourself this important question: "How much do I want this to look like it is naturally made?" We hear this question asked often, but many people quickly point out that they need a more cost effective solution for their project. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce Centurion Stone.

Need to "see it" to believe it? Want to know what this type of stone looks like? Stop by one of our two locations (in Gainesville GA and Duluth GA). We have displays that are installed to help with the decision making process. Our Gainesville location warehouses more manufactured stone and has a larger display area to help with your choice.

At The Rock Yard, we understand the need for quality products for each and every project. Whether you are a builder, contractor, mason, or homeowner that is a do-it-yourself enthusiast, we have a selection of stone that will surely help with your next project. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment with one of our Centurion Stone experts.
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