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Types of Stone to Use in Your Home

Stone is natural, elegant and has a timelessness that is hard to surpass with other flooring options. If you live in a warmer climate, stone flooring is a good choice because stone is so cooling to the touch and tends to lower the temperature of the entire house. It also doesn't trap dust or allergens the way that carpets or rugs do, which can lead to a healthier household. (Did you know a rock becomes a stone after it has been cut? Hence, the change of vocabulary along the way.)
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How to Solve Problems By Adding Stone to Your Landscape

About this time every year, people across the country head to the local nursery to buy new flowers, shrubs, and plants for spring planting season. Taking the time to pick out the flowers, get them home and put them in the yard is no small task, but can quickly produce a gorgeous yard. Unless it all withers up and dies before the kids get out of school. Or your area doesn't get rain for a month and there are water restrictions for the rest of the summer. Or...Have you ever thought about solving your landscaping woes with stone? Not that greenery isn't beautiful, but here are four common landscaping problems that can be solved or minimized by using stones in your outdoor areas.
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Interesting Ways to Use Fieldstone in Design

Fieldstone has been around for ages as a design element, most likely due to the fact that it is readily available in many areas and is versatile in its uses. Fieldstone is a rock commonly found naturally in the top layer of the fields. It is a flat oval shape and comes in a variety of colors like gray, brown, red, and white. It is a utilitarian material that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, playing an important role in the design and function of your house and yard.
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Types of Garden Styles

Gardens have been enjoyed and cultivated by people for thousands of years around the world. They have been used as settings for Shakespearean tragedies, reality show wedding proposals, and everything in between. People of all different cultures and traditions have their own version of the garden, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that you love to start in your own backyard.
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Decorative Stone Ideas For a Garden

No matter how much time, effort and fertilizer that you pour into your garden, does something still seem to be missing? Well, if you have never thought of using decorative stone in your garden, perhaps this could be the solution to your garden woes. There are many ways beyond the "Zen garden" look, in which stone can provide a natural anchor for your outdoor space. It is a low maintenance way to get just the look you have been seeking, transforming your garden into a unique and beautiful place to relax.
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Using Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor landscape. There are two main reasons why home owners install stepping stones. One is the practical, the other is aesthetic. In areas of high traffic, getting grass to grow can be a frustrating and losing battle. Adding stepping stones makes it easy to know where to step and you don't have to worry about killing the grass. For decorative purposes, guests will marvel at the uniqueness and attention to detail that you created with stepping stones, and you get to enjoy them on a daily basis as well. From the cozy cottage stepping stones to the symmetrical Zen garden foot path, stepping stones can add another dimension to your yard and garden that you might have never considered before.
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