Beautiful Natural Stone Flooring from World of Stones

We now carry natural stone flooring from World of Stones.  This flooring is 7/8" thick and is quarried in India.  This flooring comes in a four piece pattern (36" x 24", 24" x 24", 24" x 12", and 12" x 12") and gives a nice warm modern look.  Colors of this ornate stone range from Imperial White to Cloudy Black.  The Sedona Rustic has nice rich brown tones with fossils of ferns and other plants mixed throughout the pieces.  Castle Grey is another favorite with arguably the warmest grey stone available in natural sawn stone.  Sierra blue, Desert Buff, Sunset Buff, and Autumn Brown are other colors of the natural stone flooring available for indoor and outdoor projects.  Pool decks, outdoor kitchens, family rooms, and foyers are just a few examples of projects suited for this beautiful natural stone.  

Here are The Rock Yard, we stock primarly the machine cut project packs and the stepping stones.  Others products are available by special order.  Stop by our store for a catalog or browse their product offerings online.

See photos of the stone flooring on World of Stones' website.

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