Types of Garden Styles

Gardens have been enjoyed and cultivated by people for thousands of years around the world. They have been used as settings for Shakespearean tragedies, reality show wedding proposals, and everything in between. People of all different cultures and traditions have their own version of the garden, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that you love to start in your own backyard.

Mixed Style Garden
Mixed style gardens are both loved and despised by gardeners, eclectic in style and free in their form. Mixed gardens are in fact a Hodge-podge of plants, that include unique elements such as benches, stone, pathways, and wheelbarrows. Many people build a mixed garden by slowly adding to it over time with what they enjoy. With a mixed garden it is entirely possible to have a different garden every growing season without ever getting tired of it. 
Container Garden
A container garden is one garden that is easy to move with you, change plants out of, and that can help you define a space without completely ripping out your yard. Container gardening eliminates the problems of weeds, most soil-borne diseases and gives the gardener ultimate control over moisture, sunlight and temperature. Remember that using good, quality potting soil is very important in this garden. Container gardens are a great way to recycle household items that might have normally ended up in the trash by using them as a clever and unique container for your plants. 
Arts and Crafts 
Arts and crafts style gardens were the first gardens where the owner was a main contributor to the garden's maintenance. The arts and crafts style grew out of designers' disdain for the Victorian garden philosophies of grandeur. Arts and Crafts gardens used herbaceous perennials, annuals, and vines together to show a complete balance in the design. An arts and crafts style is a combination of several styles including Italian, Japanese and Spanish, resulting in a uniquely American garden. 
Tropical Garden
Tropical gardens are found in the areas of the world where there is plenty of rainfall and almost constant warm weather. Ferns, hoyas, orchids, and birds of paradise are plants that are found in a tropical garden. Because of the constant growing season, there is always something in bloom, and many of the plants have symbolic meaning such as fertility or good luck. 
Japanese Garden
Our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun strive to promote a sense of peace and tranquility in their gardens, choosing to incorporate the three essential elements: natural stone, water, and plants. Japanese gardens are a part of the traditional and cultural aspect of the country and there is often hidden meaning behind the compositions of these gardens. 
Roof Garden
Even urban dwellers living in between towers of concrete should have a chance to cultivate their green thumbs, and with rooftop gardens, that opportunity comes to life. Rooftop gardens are usually more modern in style, and can include planters, raised beds, and even water features along with the plants. An important thing to remember about rooftops or terraces is that structures can be heavy and adequate structural support is essential.

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